Zit stickers: how they work and how to use them

Updated: May 7, 2020

The internet is obsessed with zits.

We love to pop and pick at our pastules and pustules, then regretfully await the post-inflammatory pigment that creeps up after. Dr Pimple Popper is our cult leader. Because, spots? We all get them.

The skincare market provides us with spot creams and gels, retinoids, salicylic acid and tea tree oil, witch hazel and prescription-strength products to assist us in our desperate battle to rid the monstrosity of a common spot when it occurs. And now, a new invention has arrived: the spot sticker.

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What are spot stickers?

Also known as spot, pimple and skin patches, zit stickers and acne patches, this neat invention acts as a fast-track treatment to calm inflammation and treat the bacterium that builds up in an active spot. The stickers are usually round and are easily peeled off a sheet of paper and then placed on the spot for a few hours to reduce it’s appearance.  

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From brand to brand, advice on how to use the product, the technology and ingredients behind banishing a blemish varies.

For example, one of the most popular “dermatology-backed” acne patches from Zitsticka uses niacinamide, salicylic and hyaluronic acid to calm and “flush out” bacteria with their trademarked Sticktech™ technology. It sounds like this product acts as a preventative measure as well as treating active and inflamed spots.

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Meanwhile Hero Cosmetic’s Mighty Patch is marketing specifically for skin healing.

SkynIceland boasts that their version of the zit sticker is “free of harsh chemicals” and replaced with purifying skin ingredients like volcanic ash, salicylic acid and willow herb extract to help soothe and shrink your spot.

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Most skin companies advise to use acne stickers in the evening, but Korean skincare brand Cosrx disrupts this concept – their Clear Fix Master Patch is thin enough to even wear under make-up during the day. The patch uses liquid paraffin and ginseng water to heal and tighten the pore.

Dr.Jart+, the skincare company “powered by science, inspired by art” used the theory of microneedling to create the Focuspot Blemish Micro Tip patch. (https://us.drjart.com/products/focuspot-blemish-micro-tip-patch) Using small micro-tips, the patch pushes hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to help reduce the appearance of blemishes quickly. Unlike the other brands mentioned in the post, this patch seems to be more suitable for treating the scar rather than an active spot.

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Do they work?

Zit stickers are still a fairly new development, so that question can only be answered based upon the testimonials posted online.

Growing up my dad always told me to never use a plaster unless I really needed to, in order to let the skin breathe and heal faster. So, you can only imagine my hesitancy when I was researching the reviews for acne stickers online and my amazement when I realised it was almost impossible to find one negative report about them.

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Elizabeth Denton reviewed Zitsticka’s Killa Kit for Cosmopolitan and described her “zit was noticeably calmer” and cleared up within just 48 hours. Youtuber and beauty blogger, Chloe Szep swears by the Zitsticka.

Beauty blog, Amaliebeauty reviewed Cosrx’s Clear Fix Master patches and discovered similar results. Within 3 patches over 24 hours, a cystic pimple went away completely.

If you are apprehensive about possible affiliation marketing, then check out the tons of 5-star reviews on websites like Amazon and Cultbeauty.

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Reviews for Derma Rehab Repair Hydrocolloid patches via Amazon

Pros Vs Cons

The biggest pro of this new beauty fad is the cult following and magnitude of positive testimonials on these products. It appears that zit patches work in a clean, fast, methodical way. Another positive is that by applying the skin plaster, whether it be night or day, prevents skin picking and touching the spot.

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The greatest negative about joining the spot sticker fan club is that it’s an expensive habit to keep up. What if you have lots of pimples? I feel like a serum would be a wiser and more cost-effective choice when it comes to dealing with all-over-the-face breakouts. Also, latex and allergies beware. This may not be a product for you.

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After reading up on this latest craze, the zit sticker, I would certainly recommend trying out this product yourself, particularly from what seem to be the most trusted brands, ZitSticka and Cosrx.

These stickers are better suited to those that suffer with the occasional painful, cystic spot and not ideal for treatment if you are breaking out all the time and all over the face.

Have you tried the zit sticker yet?

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