The rules of refrigerating skincare

Updated: May 7, 2020

Who was to guess that by 2019, the new-generation of beauty consumers would be hunting down brands like Colluli on Amazon with one considerable question in mind: do I really need a beauty fridge?  

Somehow the micro-fridge (that comes in many sizes, designs and colours) has smoothly disrupted the beauty market and is now no longer a trend, but a way of life. Beauty influencers, skincare worshippers and Youtubers are all swearing by taking part in the mini-fridge fad and in this article, you can find out why. 


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So, what is all the fuss about? Does refrigerated cosmetics make any difference to our skin, or does it only add a cute aesthetic to our bedroom side? 

Refrigerating your skincare can extend the shelf-life of your products. 

When exposed to heat and direct sunlight, the ingredients in most cosmetic products can breakdown and lose their efficiency.  Putting them in the fridge resolves this problem. This one advantage seems to be the most discussed when it comes to talking beauty fridges because when some products are refrigerated, their shelf-life can be prolonged. 

Not every type of product is ideal to refrigerate, which we will get to shortly, but here are just a few beauty items that will benefit from being stored in a cooler environment. 

Eye products

Eye creams and gels seem to be the most favoured type of skincare to have in your fridge right now. A chilled eye cream not only feels great when applied, but the cool temperature also constricts blood vessels, which helps reduce the swelling in eye area. Face swelling, particularly around the eye affects many of us especially during times of fatigue or stress and can also happen when we have too much salt in our diet, sinus and allergy problems and is also associated with general ageing.  


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Vitamin C and retinol products

I have mentioned on aestheticsurge before that Vitamin C is a notoriously difficult ingredient to take care of due to its fragile state and high tendency to breakdown. Retinol and Vitamin C products are heat sensitive so some experts agree that storing your Vitamin C item in the fridge extends the shelf life of the product.  

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Anti-itch products

Topical lotions and creams such as hydrocortisone, that are developed to soothe itchy, dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis also benefit from being stored in the fridge. This is mainly due to the fact that the cool sensation will help reduce the heat in the area which is always a factor with itchy skin disorders. 

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When exposed to heat, the effectiveness of an SPF tends to reduce as the ingredient’s breakdown so keeping your SPF in your fridge will prolong its shelf-life. 


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Metal-roller balls and Jade rollers

These facial tools are great anyway for reducing swelling and diminishing redness because of their ability to boost blood circulation and aid lymphatic drainage when massaged on the skin’s surface. The coolness of the roller ball helps to achieve this quicker. And it feels good. 

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Hydrating mist, toners and sheet masks

I can’t find any other reason online to stock your mists, toners and sheet masks in your cute beauty fridge except that it feels great. Just do it, stock those face mists in your fridge.  

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100% natural products

If you bought your cosmetic product from a fridge, it will most likely benefit from being stored in a fridge. This especially includes products that contain 100% natural ingredients, especially with brands like Lush and Green People. Keeping these natural cosmetics chilled will maintain the health, and prolong the longevity of the product. 


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There are some products that you should leave on the side. 

And of course, some products just don’t belong in chilly environments. These include oil-rich cosmetics because the ingredients will break down and lose their effect.  

It goes without saying that any products that may become hardened or thickened (such as balms) when exposed to cool temperatures should not be put in a fridge as it will make it harder to extract from its container and work with.  

Products without preservatives should also never be refrigerated because it causes the cosmetic to decompose. 

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How important is to stock your skincare in a fridge?

It’s good to remind ourselves that the majority of products that we use are tested by the World Health Organisation and are tested to cope well in room temperature environments. 

Some bloggers have reported little difference in their skin after switching to refrigerating skincare, whilst others swear by it. The best advice I can give you is to try it out for yourself or your willing to gamble the £30, especially if you have an inflamed or sensitive skin type.  

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If a beauty fridge isn’t your thing just yet but you want to give the cool skincare trend a go, remember to keep all skincare away from food if you decide to store it in your main fridge – consider storing your cosmetics in a plastic bag.

Those homemade DIY masks made up of honey and oats? Always chuck out after a few days of making it up. Tina Hedges, founder of LOLI beauty, explains why, in an interview with StyleCaster:

“Our rule of thumb is ‘would you eat or drink a smoothie you made a week ago, even if you keep it refrigerated?” 

The most noticeable benefit you will get from stocking your cosmetics in a beauty fridge is a soothing sensation when you apply them. It can also help reduce the appearance of redness and facial oedema faster than using room-temperature products. Except for the attractive display and the feeling that we get when we organise our skincare shelves, the benefits stop right here. Have you tried the beauty fridge fad and noticed a difference in your skin? Or do you think it’s a waste of time? Comment below as I would love to hear your thoughts, or find me on social media.


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