How to get glowing skin: 17 radiance-boosting tricks

Updated: May 7, 2020

We all want glowing skin right? Amongst fixing pimples and pigmentation, red veins and unwanted hair, a brighter and more radiant complexion is one of the most common requests I hear in the treatment room.

Before now, dewy was never really a thing. Make-up between the 60s and 90s were powder and matte-obsessed, but since the dawn of the technology era we have had easier access to much better cameras, leading to an explosive obsession of changing, filtering, editing and tuning our faces. Make-up junkies have chosen highlighters as the most important cosmetic of the decade, meanwhile beauty influencers and Youtubers compete to create the best #glowyskin content.

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And why wouldn’t we want more glossy, luminous skin? The skin represents a great deal about a person including their overall health and vitality, how to they look after themselves and how old they are and their environment.

Scroll down for 18 fool proof ways to get healthier, more radiant skin in a few days.

Use facial oils

If you are not using facial oils already, then you must. Oils are a cheaper way to create an instant all-over radiance and are favourable over a moisturiser because of their ability to sink into the skin straight away. Oh, and Sophia Loren swears by olive baths to maintain a beautiful skin even into your 80s. 

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Have dermaplaning regularly

Dermaplaning has become a worldwide phenomenon in the beauty world in the last couple because of its numerous, instant benefits. Face shaving offers a superficial exfoliation and also removes peach-fuzz, enhances the effectiveness of your skincare and makes your make-up look AMAZING.

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Use vitamin C in the morning

Vitamin C is a great AM ingredient to use due to antioxidant role in skincare as it neutralises free radicals and strengthening the skin’s barrier. Also known as L-ascorbic acid, thins ingredient has been clinically proven to significantly brighten the skin and improve dark spots and other pigmentation.

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Stay hydrated

There is a reason why every dermatologist tells that we need to drink plenty of water if we want better skin, because when the body becomes dehydrated, the skin can become dry, tight and flaky and fine lines and dark circles appear more noticeable. In some cases, dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can worsen. Start drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water today and your skin will thank you for it.

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Use highlighting products

Highlighters can give your skin a gorgeous glow when the application isn’t too overdone and applied in the right places. You can get make-up highlighters in cream form, powders, liquid, sticks, bricks and jellies to brighten and accentuate features of the face. There are millions of places online you can read up on how to strobe your face in a flattering way.


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Massage your face daily

The practice of massage dates back as far as the third century B.C. and is a popular choice for facial and spa treatments because of its immune and skin booster benefits. Facial massage can easily be carried out at home during your cleansing routine or serum application, using just your hands, a jade roller or any other lymphatic drainage tool. Massage can increase radiance and glow because it provides mental and physical relaxation to the facial muscles, boost circulations and aids the removal of toxins.

Sleep well

The ideology of ‘beauty sleep’ is not an old wives tale. Whilst we doze, our skin repairs itself as new collagen forms and blood is boosted around the body so if we don’t get enough of it, our skin can look grey and lifeless. Puffy eyes, dark circles and general dullness are hard to avoid if you are not getting the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

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Try a microdermabrasion and skin peels

Dull-looking skin can be a cause of dead skin cells on the surface so professional skin peels and microdermabrasion facials are a great way of reducing this common build-up. These treatments are fantastic for giving the skin an instant glow as they rejuvenate and resurface the skin, declog pores and offer a much longer lasting result than the skincare we use at home.

Use hydroxy acids in your routine

If improving radiance is part of your skin goals, then consider incorporating AHA and BHA-based products into your regular skin routine. These helpful ingredients effectively exfoliate the dead skin cells away, revealing fresher, smoother skin. If you new to chemical exfoliators, then check out this useful post here

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Clean your make-up brushes regularly

Set a date in your diary to clean your make-up brushes at least once a week. Cleaning them will not only prolong the life of your brushes, but also reduces cross-contamination of bacteria to your make-up and skin. Bacteria creates breakouts (even viral infections) and if brighter skin is at the top of your list, then you should be committing yourself to this healthy habit.


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Stop touching your face

Even if you don’t wear make-up or you think your hands on clean, face touching is bad news for your skin health for the same reasons. It will inevitably cause the spreading of oil, viruses and bacteria – hello breakouts and herpes simplex.

Consider using a facial brush

A great, quick-fix technique to adopt for more radiant looking skin is using a cleansing tool like a Clarisonic brush. These brushes clean the skin a lot deeper than manual cleansing and enhances the skincare you are using, encouraging the appearance of smoother and softer skin. I like to use my Clarisonic brush 2-3 times a week, but you can use it every day and even source different types of brush heads depending on your skin type and concerns.

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Boost your foundation with shimmer drops

Shimmer drops are an amazing, flexible make-up product that you can add to just about anything to create a flawless, radiant complexion in seconds. Add a few drops of this stuff into your foundation, your hydrating mist, to your eyes, your cheeks…the list is endless. One of my favourite illuminator-drop product is from Iconic London, but you can also source cheaper formulations from Barry M and Make-up Revolution.

Use hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the BEST ingredient for all skin types. The ingredient’s molecule can hold up to one 1000 times its own weight in water, so it instantly plumps the skin and gives the ultimate hydration. Most beauty products will boast this holy grail ingredient, always investigate how much HA is inside the formula and choose a serum over a moisturiser for more effective penetrability.

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Use lip balm and gloss

Accentuating the lips with a wet-look balm or gloss will not only brighten the overall face, but also keeps your pout looking healthy and hydrated.


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Reduce your alcohol intake

If you are serious about getting that glow, reduce your alcohol intake or cut it out completely as it will work wonders for your skin. Alcohol, as we know, is destructive to the human body because it dehydrates it and causes a build-up of toxins, food cravings and is especially high in sugar.

Wear a mineral SPF daily

Sun protection is possibly the most important rule when it comes to taking care of your skin. Excessive exposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause skin irritation and damage, premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, redness and sensitivity and in more serious cases, skin cancer. Protect your skin. If you choose a mineral SPF over a chemical sunblock (LINK TO ARTICLE), the product will always contain a high content of ‘nature’s glitter’ titanium dioxide, which always gives the skin a natural-looking radiant coverage.


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Discover LED

Light therapy has become a major hit in the last couple of years as more and more skin clinics and salons provide trending LED facials and consumers speedily test and review at-home LED masks. This non-invasive technology offers quick, instant results and can calm and help heal a wide variety of skin concerns as it boosts the skin’s natural rejuvenation system. Whether you choose Neutrogena’s best-selling Clear Light Therapy Acne mask to try at home, or have a professional treatment, you will not be disappointed with the instant, radiant results.

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The truth is, it is impossible to have great, glowing skin all the time but by incorporating healthier habits into your life, choosing the right skincare ingredients, wearing SPF and having professional treatment regularly, you are bound to get some kind of glow in no time.

What are your tricks for glowing skin?

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