8 ways to boost your cleanse

Updated: May 7, 2020

Taking care of your skin, now seems to have the same common significance as brushing your teeth and showering regularly. And what is the first step to skincare? Cleansing, of course. 

Why should we be making a conscious effort with our cleanse? For so many reasons; if the skin has an untouched layer of grime on the surface, skincare products lose all their efficiency as they are not able to penetrate into the skin properly. It’s a common fact that make-up needs to be removed daily to unblock pores, reduce oil production and remove that dull layer of dead skin cells. For non-make-up-wearers general dirt and grime that has built from exposure to our environment, also needs to be removed. By cleansing the skin and removing the build-up of dead skin cells, we are also enabling the skin’s natural cell regeneration process. 

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So how can we make cleansing a fun, easy and more thorough process than a simple, quick rinse with our hands?  Here is seven ways you can boost your cleansing routine.

1) …by using a Clarisonic brush

Clarisonic brushes come in all shapes and sizes and can benefit any skincare routine and skin type. These unique brushes are clinically proven to clean the face 7 times more effectively than manual cleansing. Unlike a lot of other cleansing brushes on the market, Clarisonic use an oscillating technology (meaning the head moves back and forth rather than in fast spinning circles) making the gadget safe and gentle to use twice a day. Some users say it helps their cleansing products last longer because it provides a deeper clean.   

I have the Smart Profile brush that has 4 different speeds and treats the face and body.  

I suggest to use the brush on your second cleanse; make sure the skin is damp before applying your cleanser to the brush and work in circular motions across the skin. This innovative method will not only minimise the appearance of pores, but also stimulate collagen production (-hello healthy-looking skin!) 

Who’s it good for? Anyone wanting a deep clean 

Prices start at: £69 for a Mia Facial Cleansing Clarisonic Device on currentbody.com

2) …with soft gauze swabs

I have been using soft gauze for years in aesthetic facial treatments and recently started using them at home. When damp, these gauze pads remove make-up and grime from the skin’s surface more effectively than a manual cleanse. They are perfect to use on all skin types, even the most sensitive, as a result of their soft texture.  

Gauze is hygienic to use as it’s disposable, and two of these will suffice for one cleanse – just keep rinsing them in between removing any excess cleanser. They can be bought almost anywhere online and are fairly affordable.  

Good for: Sensitive skin types and germ-a-phobes 

Prices start at: £12.99 from hairproductsonline.co.uk


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3) …by using sponges

Sponges are a cheap and effective way to boost your cleansing routine. The fibres in a sponge provide a deeper clean and unblock pores in comparison to cleansing with your just your hands. 

In more recent months, konjac sponges have become a hit, particularly in the Asian market. Made from the Konjac potato, these mineral-rich sponges neutralise the skin’s PH balance and dry hart, preventing the development of bacteria.  

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Simply apply cleanser to wet skin and remove using the dampened sponges, in circular motions across the face. Rinse and repeat. I suggest cleaning your sea sponges after each use, by soaking them in an alcohol solution, rinse, and then leave to dry out naturally – usually I get 5-10 uses out of a pair of sea sponges, before I replace them with a new set.  

Good for? Everyone, except acne skin types 

Prices start at: £10.09 for 20 on Amazon

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4) …with miscellar water

So it took me a few years to fully understand and respect what miscellar water actually does. Miscellar water is made up of two things: water and surfectants. 

What are surfectants? Surfectants are molecules that has a head attracted to water and a tail that is attracted to oil and grease. When added to water, surfectants cluster themselves into ‘micelles’ and form an oily layer over your cotton pad; which makes the removal of thick make-up super quick and easy. 

Manafacturers have always insisted miscellar water, unlike other cleansers, does not have not washed but this doesn’t sit right with me. I suggest to follow with a water rinse, or with a second cleanse. Miscellar water requires cotton pads to be removed, but still remains one of the quickest and cheapest ways to remove heavy make-up, and cut through oil easily.  

Good for: Heavy-make-up-wearers 

Prices start at: £3 for Garnier miscellar water at Sainsbury’s

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5) …by following the 2×2 rule

For smoother, brighter skin; for less breakouts and clogged pores, for enhanced effectiveness of products and less build-up of dead skin cells, cleanse your skin twice, twice a day. 

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6) …by using rough gauze to apply your toner

Rough, small gauze is the next best thing against cotton pads, when toning the skin. Let’s face it, cotton pads can be expensive and ineffective – by soaking up too much product, and not being abrasive enough to remove dead skin cells.  

Rough gauze is another consumable, often used by aestheticians to prep the skin for professional treatment and I am advising you do the same once, or twice a week. The stronger fibres make a great addition to an acid-based toner to give a deep exfoliation. Gauze soaks up much less product than other cleansing accessories, enabling more penetration of product. 

Good for: teaming up with an acid-based toner 

Price starts at: £5.29 on Amazon

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% toning solution

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7) …with acid-based cleansers

If you use an acid-based cleanser that uses ingredients like glycolic and salicylic, you are benefiting your skin in so many ways. Acid-based cleansers work deeper on the skin; providing removal of dead skin cells and promoting further cell renewal by stimulating collagen. If you are new to using active ingredients in your regime, the best way is to start out with it in your cleanser. Find out more about active ingredients and how to use them according your skin type here.

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8) …with facial mitts

Facial mitts are often used in spas and beauty salons as you can heat them and transform the treatment into something even more relaxing, and because they are more effective to use for a gentle exfoliation. Mitts should be washed straight after each use and thanks to their pouch-like structure, you can get more control over removing you cleanser/face mask, in comparison to a flannel. Any chance of lingering bacteria is diminished, because facial mitts can easily be washed after each use. It makes a soothing note to an at-home-facial. I particularly enjoy to use mitts when removing face masks.  

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